Back In Time Clock Repair is proud to offer:

  • Expert repair
  • Over 30 years experience
  • Repair on antique and modern clocks
  • One year warranty on repair work
  • House calls on grandfather clocks within the greater Denver metropolitan area
  • Free estimates on carry-in repair services

Description of Services

While antique and modern clocks can sometimes be temporarily fixed with minor mechanical work such as replacing a hand, suspension spring, hand nut or broken glass, they often require an overhaul to operate correctly.

An overhaul consists of a thorough cleaning, in which your clock movement is completely dismantled and placed in an ultrasonic cleaner to remove all old oil, dirt, and grease.

New bushings are installed in worn pivot holes if needed, other repairs are made, and all pivots are polished for smooth consistent operation.

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We then reassemble the movement and lubricate it with oil and grease specially formulated for clock movements. We test the movement for at least 8 days to ensure your clock is properly adjusted before we return it to you with our 1 year guarantee.

We do not do partial cleanings because a partial cleaning leaves grit behind which can turn clock lubricant into a gritty paste that can do more damage to moving parts than having no lubricant at all.

Because of this, we cannot offer our 1 year guarantee unless we do the complete overhaul procedure described above.

We try to preserve all original parts whenever possible. We replace parts only if they are broken or too worn to be repaired.

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