If you can start the clock and it runs momentarily, check to see if the pendulum is rubbing anything inside the clock.

A swinging pendulum clock must be as flat and level as possible at all times. Any leaning or tilting will throw it out of beat or cause the pendulum to touch something it shouldn't.

If a clock is tilted forward or backward, the pendulum can touch something inside the clock and will eventually slow down and stop.

Look at the clock from the side and see it it is leaning forward or backward. If the clock is hanging on a wall, make sure it is flat against the wall. If it is on a shelf or mantle, try adding thin shims (such as a few business cards) until the clock is level.

If it takes an excessive amount of tilting or shimming, the clock movement may have to be adjusted mechanically. This should be done by a clock repair specialist.

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